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We have an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server at, port 6667. You can connect with an IRC client from your desktop or phone, but we also have tools on if you'd like to chat directly from the command line.



First of all, type:


This should open up the irc client. Next, you type (inside irssi):


and then:

/join #chat

Now, just start chatting! If you get no reply, probably there isn't anyone watching the conversation. If you wish to change your nick, use

/nick MyNewAwesomeNick

But as usually people in the tilde recognize you by your user name, you should be fine using it instead of other nick.

courtesy of ~philips


Will leave irssi.

If you wish to set your status as away, use:

/away Message

where Message is the reason you are away.

To go back, type:


without any message.