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I see two ways we could develop a tilde MUD:

  1. Create a server by ourselves;
  2. Use something already done;

And there is also one very important design decision that needs to be made before choosing which method we want to use to develop a MUD:

Should we use a web-based interface or do it terminal based?


There are mainly two types of MUDs.

  1. The ones that have a more descriptive approach, where text is used to describe the world and actors.
  2. The ones that have a more visual approach, using characters with graphical meaning.

Should we use a visual approach or a descriptive one?


Is the intent here to create a game for ctrl-c.clubbers (and maybe interested passersby) to play? Or to "learn by doing" by creating a MUD?

If the intent to to create a playable game, I can recommend a couple codebases I've worked with:

If we're looking to build one, we could start from scratch, or we could see about getting in touch with ~selfsame at, who has been working on a MUD codebase over there. Maybe some sort of collaboration?

Of course, these options are all predicated on taking the descriptive approach. I don't know of any tools for developing a web-based MUD.


Before we can move on answering these questions, we need to know who is interested in working on it. I made a poll here: Who Is In Poll.

Another poll on "Should we develop it from scratch or not?" MUD From Scratch?