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~calmatious Speaks the Purpose of the Club

Day changed to 23 Aug 2015
 00:43 < Nomius> What are you trying to create with ctrl-c club?
 15:08 < calamitous> More dirty open-source hippies!
 15:09 < calamitous> I just want to make a place that people can learn, play and chat
 15:10 < calamitous> While working primarily from the command line
 15:11 < calamitous> I think you learn more by doing things at a low level, rather than by dealing with
                     a bunch graphical abstractions.  :)
 17:58 < Nomius> Love the idea :-)
 18:08 < Nomius> So ctrl-c is running Ubuntu?
 23:31 < calamitous> Yep :)  14.04, iirc