Hello and welcome to my second homestead on the WWW!

It's still under construction, but I hope to make it better than the last time!

Things I find Important

I found out that RetroNet is closed. I will miss that site. If ~nju sees this, sorry for not responding to your last email.

Here is a page with some interesting videos I've found while surfing the 'Net!

I have a blog here!

The U of M is slowly being infected by toxic (((social justice))). However, it could be worse. There could be protests instead of the occasional BLM pin. If you're skeptical of that sorta thing, stay away from Appleby Hall.

Why have an Ubuntu subsystem for Wangblows Botnet 10 when networking is disabled by default?


StartPage Search Engine The last honest video game forum. 8Chan's Techology Board
Hey~, that's pretty good~. How to make a webpage. The Post Office

Download Vivaldi Web Browser Today!

The U of M won't give you a shell account anymore.

This is something about free stuff online

Click the shield to jump to 8chan, the best imageboard.

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