#chat | Logs for 2016-02-22

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[03:22:32] <philips> What's up boys?
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[06:16:55] <yourname> Hello!
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[06:18:41] <caasih> yourname@ LOL
[06:21:09] <asa> psh
[06:21:17] <asa> what's wrong with that?
[06:22:15] <asa> It's funny to me that the one time I'm around when other people are I have to emergency sleep before I need to go to an integration meeting :V
[06:22:26] <caasih> nothing wrong. I just think it is great to connect from the ^C to itself
[06:22:47] <philips> wooo
[06:23:52] <philips> hi asa!
[06:23:58] <asa> hi :)
[06:24:06] <asa> I started work on a hobby game project recently
[06:24:14] <philips> nice!
[06:24:15] <philips> what is it?
[06:25:31] <asa> 3D roguelike set in a universe where all people are forced into purgatory at a split second before their death. Purgatory takes the form of a hotel floating in nothingness (aka black skybox :V) called Hotel Rafflesia. You have to ascend 30 floors up the hotel, retrieve your soul and return with it to survive
[06:26:19] <philips> I like the idea
[06:26:34] <philips> Any screenshots so far?
[06:26:54] <asa> I don't have any taken and I'm not on my dev machine, I've been bogged down with my uni project
[06:27:29] <asa> All that's working atm is a simple floor generation and player movement. I have an enemy but atm it just walks into walls
[06:28:01] <philips> Maybe you could show us later?
[06:28:19] <asa> Sure, I have to go sleep though. I have an integration meeting to attend and I woke up at 11PM last night ;__;
[06:28:32] <philips> haha
[06:28:34] <philips> Okay
[06:28:48] <asa> Be back later :)
[06:28:51] <philips> I did the same, but at least I don't have any meetings :P
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[21:08:58] <asa|zzz> Hello again
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[21:15:22] <philips> asa, still there?
[21:15:31] <asa> Yup!
[21:15:33] <asa> What's up
[21:15:40] <asa> I'm just making a coffee
[21:16:11] <philips> Just woke up
[21:16:19] <asa> I woke up a couple of hours ago
[21:16:24] <philips> well, by just I mean two
[21:16:28] <asa> I have to be in for 10AM today so that should be fun
[21:16:29] <philips> ... hours ago...
[21:17:15] <asa> :P
[21:17:28] <philips> You stop copying me! :V
[21:18:23] <philips> Do you play much? Video games I mean.
[21:18:37] <asa> Yep! I play GW2 and League of Legends as my mainstays
[21:18:54] <asa> I have about 1100 collective hours on Dark Souls 1 across PS3 and PC versions too
[21:19:16] <philips> I don't play that much haha
[21:19:28] <philips> Ever played Marathon? The old Mac game
[21:19:35] <asa> Nope, I never owned a mac
[21:19:48] <philips> Nowdays it runs everywhere, I think
[21:19:50] <asa> I didn't have a computer until 2009
[21:20:00] <philips> hmmm
[21:20:04] <asa> own one, I mean
[21:20:14] <asa> I found ways to do what I wanted to do on PC elsewhere
[21:20:14] <philips> You are definitely copying me
[21:20:33] <asa> I used to go on IRC via a Wii, I had a 65WPM with a wiimote :D
[21:20:45] <philips> Shit!
[21:20:48] <philips> This is crazy
[21:21:11] <philips> I can't type with anything but a keyboard haha
[21:21:34] <asa> I have 65WPM with a wiimote and ~50WPM on a DS touchscreen
[21:21:47] <asa> because I had no PC so chat was all on Wii and DS back then
[21:22:11] <philips> My only console is a 3ds :)
[21:22:17] <asa> I have a 3ds now :D
[21:22:20] <philips> Oh
[21:22:29] <philips> Have you played Shovel Knight?
[21:22:37] <asa> It's on front of me at the moment, I'm trying to get T&T Emporium on Animal Crossing
[21:22:39] <asa> in front*
[21:22:49] <asa> yeah I've played Shovel Knight, only on PC though :P
[21:22:54] <asa> It is very difficult
[21:22:59] <philips> I am stuck at the last level
[21:23:00] <philips> haha
[21:23:09] <philips> Since about a year ago I believe
[21:23:32] <asa> I got super stuck on the alchemist knight boss fight
[21:23:42] <asa> I forget what he was actually called, the one who throws bottles everywhere
[21:24:19] <philips> I know which one is he, but I don't remember his name either
[21:25:29] <philips> And Legend of Zelda: A link between world? Ever played it?
[21:25:45] <philips> I loved every single boss fight in that game
[21:25:48] <asa> Yep! I just finished it recently
[21:25:56] <asa> The master hand boss fight was hard
[21:26:02] <asa> So many pits in the floor
[21:26:13] <philips> Yeah!
[21:26:20] <asa> I kind of want to get monster hunter but equally I'm both not very good at it and I don't have a new 3ds so I have no c-stick on mine
[21:26:58] <philips> I see
[21:27:29] <philips> I am thinking of getting some Fire Emblem ones
[21:27:41] <philips> I played a demo of one of them and liked a lot
[21:27:43] <asa> I like Fire Emblem, apparently the translation was terrible though
[21:28:11] <asa> Like in the japanese conversation between two support characters it's a solid few paragraphs about the horrors of war
[21:28:23] <asa> and (no joke) in the translation it's 5 lines of the characters going "..." at eachother
[21:28:43] <philips> I wish I could read more japanese
[21:28:51] <asa> they also translate "I'm really looking forward to serving under you" as "rawrgorf is the sound that dinosaurs make when they love eachother"
[21:28:54] <philips> Mayble play the original versions of FF
[21:29:07] <philips> o.0
[21:29:39] <philips> Welcome the nonsense translations
[21:29:59] <philips> Almost like some tv series subtitles I see around here
[21:30:12] <asa> Oop, here it is
[21:30:14] <asa> https://i.imgur.com
[21:31:01] <philips> hahaha
[21:32:11] <asa> and here's the original dialogue translated directly to english for comparison
[21:32:13] <asa> https://i.imgur.com
[21:33:41] <philips> Layman: "I have no idea what they are saying"
[21:33:46] <philips> Translator: "Neither do I"
[21:33:57] <philips> Translator: "Let me make something up here..."
[21:35:21] <asa> It really confuses me that people are defending this too, surely if you like fire emblem you want fire emblem story not something written by a translation shop?
[21:36:07] <philips> Of course