#chat | Logs for 2016-04-02

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[04:18:38] <ksikka> Sup everyone! I quit my job yesterday, so I'll be hanging out here more frequently.
[15:59:18] <paparent> Hi, i'm new here! trying to find something to do ahah
[16:06:53] <bear> hey paparent, have you checked out http://www.ctrl-c.club yet? Some good suggestions on there
[16:08:50] <paparent> bear: Yeah :) doing #2 now hehe.. always nice to meet new people.. maybe find a toy project to contribute on.. one thing i'd like to experiment with is haskell too
[16:12:23] <bear> ha yeah. that's cool, you'll definitely find people working on little projects here. I don't know what people are collaborating on, but a lot of people build little things that use the data we all share..
[16:13:12] <bear> I built a utility that generates this page of files in everyone's Code or projects folder: http://www.ctrl-c.club
[16:13:15] <bear> stuff like that :)
[18:50:13] <ksikka> bear, that's useful. a good improvement would be to show which projects are tinkered with recently.
[19:28:40] <bear> ksikka great idea. I'll add that to my todo list