#chat | Logs for 2016-05-02

[01:08:10] <calamitous> hey all
[01:09:38] <calamitous> @greymtr: re: Cataclysm DDA, you can just download it and compile it
[01:10:17] <calamitous> if you like, you can just play the one I've already compiled in ~/calamitous/Games/Cataclysm-DDA
[01:11:48] <calamitous> err, I take that back... it looks like it got borked in the transfer
[01:11:57] <calamitous> I'll poke at it some this week
[16:46:49] -!- endorphant [endorphant!~endorphan@] has joined #chat
[16:49:10] <endorphant> hi!