#chat | Logs for 2016-06-18

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[11:49:36] <njb> 'ello
[15:07:01] -!- iiv [iiv!~iiv@] has joined #chat
[15:07:08] <iiv> hallo!
[15:07:29] <iiv> this is my first time on here =)
[15:08:30] <iiv> seems pretty cool so far
[15:47:33] <iiv> I could use some help..
[15:48:00] <iiv> I accidentally deleted my public html folder and now the website isn't working
[15:50:22] <iiv> never mind, I fixed it
[16:35:34] <iiv> pretty dead though
[16:35:55] <iiv> i wish there where more activity
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[22:11:38] <njb> darn, someone was here
[22:11:45] <njb> missed it
[23:47:03] caasih changed topic of #chat to: log: http://ctrl-c.club
[23:47:34] <caasih> hope iiv will read logs