#chat | Logs for 2016-09-01

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[13:52:23] <xetre> Hi everyone (this is my first session)
[13:53:01] <xetre> Is this the right place to get advice ?
[13:56:42] <caasih> i dont know. you may like to check the log: http://ctrl-c.club
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[14:13:06] <xetre> thanks -there's lots of these logs -are they searchable in some way? (my question is that the reg. email said "In your home directory, you'll find a directory named "public_html" " but there isn't -do i need to do something ?)
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[14:39:07] <caasih> you can create one and put a file named index.html there
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[21:48:50] <aysb> helloo
[22:05:30] <aysb> would it be possible for the admin to install cowsay on my account~? (aysb)
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