#chat | Logs for 2016-10-20

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[17:20:20] <caff> Pretty sleepy in here :P
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[19:04:01] <caff> Hola bear
[19:06:53] <bear> hi caff, how's it goin?
[19:07:14] <caff> It's going alright. :D Happy to have gotten my invite to ctrl-c~
[19:07:37] <caff> How about yourself?
[19:07:44] <bear> oh awesome, welcome!
[19:08:11] <caff> Thank you!
[19:08:50] <bear> doing well, trying not to procrastinate on some long-standing client work, but unsuccessful so far :P
[19:09:15] <caff> That's what all nighters are made for. Letting you procastinate during the day.
[19:09:19] <caff> :P
[19:10:27] <bear> very true haha, will probably be one tonight
[19:10:47] <bear> so have you explored much around the site?
[19:23:49] <caff> Just a little. Been bouncing between it and bugfixes to pay the bills.
[19:24:54] <caff> Currently looking at adding myself to your where map :P
[19:27:16] <caff> I should get swept up on the next run :D
[19:28:55] <bear> oh awesome! I just got the cronjob running again so yep, you should :)
[19:29:44] <caff> Hmmmm... Elixir's supposed to be installed, right?
[19:29:57] <bear> I believe so, but not sure
[19:30:02] <bear> is it not working?
[19:30:30] <caff> I don't see any elixir-related things in tab completion, and iex doesn't exist.
[19:32:28] <caff> Not really too worried about it. I'm hugely inexperienced with Elixir/Erlang. Node.js is my main love.
[19:32:33] <bear> hmm maybe there are still some things missing from the outage a few months ago? http://ctrl-c.club
[19:32:59] <bear> very cool. I've wanted to get into erlang but haven't gotten around to it
[19:33:05] <bear> Go is mine right now :)
[19:34:35] <caff> Ahhh, that's understandable. In the FAQ, it looks like the Elixir version is ooooold anyway. (1.x, and they're on 18.x)
[19:34:50] <caff> Go is plenty fun :) Got to do some work with it at my last job.
[19:35:01] <caff> Been looking at Twitch, who use it extensively as well.
[19:38:35] <bear> yeah I bet if you email admin they'll get it upgraded for you, just in case
[19:39:08] <caff> Hmm, looks like node's super out of date as well :P I'll shoot them an email later. :D
[19:39:34] <bear> sweet. and yeah, definitely seems like more companies are using it these days (like node)
[19:39:41] <caff> I'm legitimately excited to be on here. I'm still on the tilde.club waitlist (probably forever), and a few other clubs seem to have died/no longer have people watching the invite requests
[19:40:06] <bear> oh yeah, a bunch have disappeared since they all started and I know tilde.club is at its limit
[19:40:21] <bear> if you want another very active one, highly recommend tilde.town
[19:40:43] <caff> Oh awesome. I think I might actually have applied, then promptly forgotten about it, so ti's probably hidden in my other email.
[19:41:22] <bear> cool. yeah many people have accounts on multiple sites, but each has their own personality
[19:41:43] <bear> it's all a really cool idea
[19:42:05] <caff> It really is :)
[20:18:17] <caff> Also, nice listing of code directories :)
[21:04:45] <bear> thanks! got the idea from one guy on tilde town.. love making little pages that show little pieces of what's going on on the server
[21:33:41] <caff> I'll probably start whipping up some new scripts when I'm home, instead of just dumping the ones sitting in my sandbox dir :)
[21:37:08] <bear> nice. definitely a lot you can end up doing :)
[21:41:32] <caff> Already got at least one thing planned :D
[21:41:44] <caff> Also, reminds me that I need to install a Linux distro on my desktop.
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