#chat | Logs for 2016-11-10

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[10:49:43] <greymtr> Did the server go down recently ?
[10:50:38] <greymtr> Lost my tmux session :'(
[11:05:13] <caasih> I can still connect to the server.
[11:05:26] <caasih> oops, why I am the op QQ
[11:44:06] <greymtr> op QQ ?
[11:44:10] <greymtr> whats that ?
[11:44:49] <caasih> "why am I the op. Q_Q"
[11:45:29] <caasih> sorry I am not a native English speaker
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[16:52:04] <mz> hello!
[16:52:48] <mz> i'm connecting through mIRC because i don't know what i'm doing
[16:52:59] <mz> i just got an account (~mz)
[16:53:05] <mz> and i don't know how to connect
[16:54:13] <mz> anyone?
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[17:13:17] <mz> hello, i am back
[17:13:29] <mz> but i'm on my phone now
[17:13:49] <mz> again. i need help because I don't know how to connect to the server
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[19:14:25] <caasih> > We've had to install the fail2ban utility to block hackers trying to brute-force our accounts. Send an email to admin@ctrl-c.club if you have trouble logging in and we'll get you fixed up!
[19:14:34] <caasih> from http://ctrl-c.club
[19:15:58] <caasih> I sent a mail with irc logs to the admin. Maybe they can help. o_O
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[22:32:19] <mz> hm. just read the chat log
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