#chat | Logs for 2017-01-01

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[12:13:53] <greymtr> Happy New Year !
[12:15:07] <greymtr> Sorry about the irc logs failing for the past 3 weeks, seems like we had a system reboot, and I didn't notice it....
[12:16:22] <caasih> Happy New Year!
[12:16:35] <greymtr> Hello !
[12:16:57] <caasih> Hi !
[12:17:16] <greymtr> So how did you celebrate New Year ?
[12:17:24] <greymtr> and 'sup ?
[12:17:53] <caasih> I celebrate New Year by reading "implementing functional languages" :p
[12:18:30] <caasih> My girlfriend went to Australia a few days ago. :/
[12:19:05] <caasih> FYI: http://research.microsoft.com
[12:19:15] <greymtr> "implementing functional languages" sounds fun.....
[12:20:05] <caasih> I think it's a great book for beginner like me. But some of the exercises are misleading.
[12:23:37] * greymtr reads about functional languages, but watches as the concept goes over his head
[12:24:49] <greymtr> I guess it's because I don't know lambda calculus....
[12:25:47] <caasih> I think lambda calculus is very useful is you want to understand "pure" functional languages.
[12:27:10] <caasih> And you can almost translate a small but powerful language like "Core" in "implementing functional languages" into lambda calculus.
[12:28:57] <caasih> Immutability and closure are so natural in lambda calculus that you may not notice them.
[12:30:24] <caasih> I don't know other functional languages(like lisp and its friends). So I am not sure if lambda calculus is a must in those languages.
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[12:36:45] <greymtr> Was reading Lambda Calculus stuff, interesting but way above my current level, I only learned Differential Calculus like 2 months ago
[12:42:10] <caasih> Lambda Calculus has nothing to do with Differential Calculus! You can play with Lambda Calculus with pen and paper!
[12:43:05] * caasih is trying to find some introduction videos about it.
[12:59:56] <greymtr> I guessed that they werent inter-related, just stated that 'cos I'm a math newbie :D....
[13:01:05] <greymtr> Anyways I've got school tomorrow :'(, so good night, or good morning, or whatever...
[13:01:29] <greymtr> Will talk later
[13:03:49] <caasih> see you
[13:04:32] <caasih> UTC+8 here :)