#chat | Logs for 2018-06-23

[16:39:56] <benharri> what up my lurkers
[16:47:29] <Calamitous> Hello :)
[16:54:36] <benharri> who hey :)
[16:54:39] <benharri> whoa*
[16:55:00] <benharri> how's it going?
[16:55:18] <Calamitous> Oh, not bad. Just hanging out while I'm doing a little work.
[16:55:22] <Calamitous> How about yourself?
[16:56:11] <benharri> i'm good!
[16:56:16] <benharri> just hackin the world ya know
[16:56:28] <Calamitous> In a good way, I hope :D
[16:56:35] <benharri> of course lol
[16:56:46] <benharri> who's the admin around here?
[16:56:49] <benharri> i run tilde.team
[16:56:51] <Calamitous> That's me :)
[16:56:56] <benharri> oh nice :)
[16:57:09] <benharri> i've been trying to set up a cross-tilde irc network
[16:57:12] <benharri> https://tilde.chat
[16:57:23] <benharri> ~team ~town and youtilde so far
[16:58:51] <Calamitous> Ah, interesting
[16:59:03] <benharri> we'd love to have you :)
[17:00:41] <Calamitous> So it's a shared IRC specifically for tildes?
[17:00:55] <benharri> yep! we're each running an inspircd node
[17:01:19] <benharri> btw i'm http://ctrl-c.club
[17:03:34] <Calamitous> Hmm. What's involved from the tilde end?
[17:04:31] <benharri> just need to set up inspircd
[17:04:38] <benharri> i can get you the configs if you're interested though :)
[17:04:59] <Calamitous> I'd definitely be curious to take a look at it.
[17:05:08] <benharri> on ~team we switched over to using it as our primary ircd
[17:05:21] <benharri> town using it as a secondary ircd
[17:05:21] <Calamitous> I gotcha
[17:06:06] <benharri> we'd love to have you
[17:06:13] <benharri> should i email you the detials or just /query
[17:06:37] <Calamitous> Why don't you email me directly: <mailto:eric.b.budd@gmail.com|eric.b.budd@gmail.com>
[17:11:39] <benharri> just sent you a mail
[17:11:43] <benharri> i hit send a bit early
[17:11:46] <Calamitous> Got it, thanks :)
[17:11:49] <benharri> let me know if you have any questions :)
[17:11:58] <benharri> also feel free to hop in the irc
[17:12:06] <Calamitous> Will do
[17:12:07] <benharri> connect tilde.chat with ssl (on 6697)
[17:13:27] <Calamitous> Alrighty. I'll hop on later and look around after I'm done with work. :)
[17:16:08] <benharri> sounds good!