#chat | Logs for 2018-09-22

[05:46:36] <CyL> Morning ladies and gentlemen
[06:08:16] <caasih> o/
[06:08:33] <slip> \o
[06:11:38] <CyL> So guy, I beg your pardon, but what's the point of this IRC channel if no one is responding?
[06:12:27] <slip> a passive sense of belonging
[06:12:53] <CyL> Hmmm, is there any other way by which people interact then?
[06:17:40] <slip> you mean just this community or in general?
[06:25:04] <CyL> This onr
[06:25:08] <CyL> *one
[12:06:24] <Calamitous> We have a text-based forum on the server called "iris", if you'd like to check that out. IRC is nice for chat, but our members are scattered all over the world, so we're not all on at the same time.
[12:07:31] <Calamitous> Makes it hard to have a conversation. That's why we have iris, so we can chat without having to all be on together.