iiv's playground

Welcome to my personal site! This is where I can collect, document and write my ideas and projects. There will probably be lots of improvement in the future, so be ready for some big changes.
I hope that both you and I can learn many things by reading/building this site and I'm sure we'll have the whale of a time. If you're not me; keep reading, and if I'm me, keep doing what I'm supposed to do.
If you for any reason want to contact me, you can mail me at
iiv [you know it] openmailbox.org

About me

I'm iiv. Here are some things I like:

Sometimes I also install a new operating system, but currently I use Ubuntu MATE which I'm pretty happy with. (I'm happy with pretty much anything though =)


I'm still new to programming so I haven't done a lot yet, but my current project is a program called delta-v. As you might guess by its name it calculates the Delta V of a vehicle. It's still a work in progress, but so far I've had fun, and learnt a great deal.

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Last updated: 18 June 2016