My fursona

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Greetings. Today, I'll tell you more about my fusona (sadly, no pictures for the moment, maybe I'll add some later).

What is a fursona

The term fursona an hybrid between furry and persona and define an alter-ego/identity assumed by a person in the Furry fandom.

A fursona generally consists of a name, animal specie, body features, colors and sometimes, his own developped story.

As far as I know, any specie can be used as a furona (yes, even toucans).

Basic description of my fursona

As you maybe know (or not), my fursona is a Protogen. I like these species since I'm in a lot of tech stuff like programming (as you saw in previous entries).

Here is the description:
Jae Beojkkoch, 22 years old, 72Kg, 1m80.
Basic protogen with an 'Aleph' (א) symbol on the different screens appearing on the body.
The fur is mainly brown with some black dots, just like a hyena and there is some white fur inside the ears.

The downside of choosing a protogen

If you read the linked article about protogens, you'll learn the protogen specie is semi-closed and some features like wings aren't allowed unless given by the original creator of the specie.

The whole point of this is: by given I mean, 'you have to pay in an auction to get them' so still about money.

I think it's sad to have to pay just to customize a fictional character that is not even used in a game.

Some calls the protogen an open specie but as you saw it, I prefer the term semi-closed specie as you basically have to pay for some customisation.

That's all for today.

Next week, I'll make a little story about my fursona to give more depth to it.

I'll see you tommorow for more content!

Written by Jae Beojkkoch, 2020