AmigaOS Mobile Concept

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Behold ladies and gentlemans, I today present to you AmigaOS Mobile

Ad for AmigaOS Mobile

Hi had the idea of creating AmigaOS Mobile when I saw the Windows 95 Mobile concept by the youtuber 4096.

As I love creating new things and old graphics, I tried to keep the retro-style of AmigaOS but bring modern features like an e-mail client or a on-screen keyboard.

The good things about AmigaOS is everything is simple. Evering is just composed of simple cubical lines and flat colors, no gradient, no rounded colors and to be honest, I think it looks great!

This creation was made with Figma in less than 24 hours for no particular reason than the passion and the challenge.

Here, you can see the lockscreen with some notifications (SMS):

The Lockscreen

Here is the mobile mode (portrait) with the Email app and the Bouncing Ball demo:

The Portrait mode

And finally, here is the 'Desktop' (landscape) mode with Fasttracker II, the Alien game and still, the Bouncing Ball demo.

The Landscape mode

If you liked this and want me to 'port' another retro operating system on mobile, you can contact me at jae[at]jaekr[dot]me.

I'll see you next time in another post!

Written by Jae Beojkkoch, 2020