Twisted Drain
~neo @ 2019/11/06
I just realized that using 'cellspacing' instead of 'cellpaddingl makes Netscape 4.x forget the width of the table. Oh well. Listened to Scott Walker's 'Scott 3' today; not sure just what to make of it. I thought it was somewhere in between Sinatra and the Moody Blues! Re:SLSK: NS seems to cap my upload at 100k, but rooms are broken in QT. I've also noticed many more non-sharing individuals attempting to dl and then disappearing.

~neo @ 2019/11/01
No updates for more than a month! I nearly forgot about this site completely. I'm now happily settled in, and slowly learning to use Python 3 and Solidworks. Hopefully I'll have some time at some point to do more 00s style designs in PS5.5. Links to cool stuff: sowmiles' profile, a list of tutorials from the time, and an original tut site!

~neo @ 2019/9/22
Looks like that cgi idea is a no-no. I'll have to continue this as a raw html blog for now.

~neo @ 2019/9/22
Mere days left before uni! I got two new toys: First is Homesite+ 5.5, a fully manual html editor, which I found after searching for "DreamweaverMX2004-en" in g. It's the lasivian one (cool name btw.) I also got the endopod news script so I won't have to create entries locally and then reupload. cgi files have always been a mystery to me, so I guess it's time to learn something new. Oh, and that non-matching sidebar needs to be changed. I'll do that shortly.

~neo @ 2019/9/10
So I decided to start learning photoshop and writing down my thoughts here. I replaced that awful pixel art header with this pipe design after trying to figure out how to nudge pixels for several hours in PS5.5 I'm interested in learning more about creating realistic metal textures in PS, and have found a couple of websites and indexes with tutorials on various designs. I'll attach them to Bookmarks, and hopefully make that a proper page, rather that a ff bookmark export that it currently is.