Hello world!

Hello, I am new here. My name is Nick, and I am from America, currently residing in Japan.

I've been into computers since I was little, and into Unix/Linux since the early 90s but in a very on-and-off capacity since then. Long enough that I remember UUCP and Gopher, but not consistently using Unix/Linux enough to retain the skills before the knowledge flops out of my ear like a slug of goo at some point.

My favorite Linux distro is Slackware and I'm definitely an emacs-and-Lisp kind of person.

I've been an IT vendor keyboard-monkey for Windows stuff for a long time and am slowly but surely transitioning my career into game development, currently working on a Wizardry-inspired first-person grid-based (and turn-based) dungeon crawler written in Common Lisp. I will put up a webpage elsewhere about it when it's close enough to release; it's coming along well but does not have a name yet.

I also have had some ideas to work on an even more oldschool style of game than that, but I didn't know about the existence of these so-called 'tilde-clubs' until recently. Oubliette for PLATO was before my time, but I want to take a shot at writing something similar to it. It will be something simple... playable on a single multiuser system, and I will probably work on it during those occasions when my brain needs a quiet text-mode break from the graphical world of OpenGL, window management, and clicking through the noisy modern social web.

Other stuff
I like to make computer music, too. To be frank, it's actually my favorite hobby. Deep down I enjoy it more than even programming.
I've released some music for free here: Robot Junkyard @ Bumpfoot.net
Like Doom? Nine-level WAD I made here: RJWDP.WAD @ Doomworld

I'm shy so please e-mail me and start a conversation if you would like to, because I probably won't do it myself: email