Kwort main documentation site

Documentaion caveats:

Kwort is considered a distribution for advanced users; that means that there won't be many tools around to help/ease the user in the installation process nor the system configuration and daily use. We rely purely on the standard UNIX, GNU & Linux tools. We heavily rely on the user to know about these tools and/or how to read/interpret standard documentation so our documentation can be easily interpreted by them.

However this doesn't mean our approach is "read the documentation and then jump to the highway", we do provide support if needed through email, our google group & IRC (if there's someone online in the channel).

Finally, our documentation isn't bulletproof and there might be mistakes, we'll be glad if you call those out so we can fix them. Also, given Kwort's nature (read first paragraph above), it's extremely easy to come up with different approaches to do things; all these approaches are welcome and there's no mistakes if it's working for your usecase.