Take Command is a shareware command console replacement for windows, which also includes the cmd.exe replacement TCC. There is a free version of TCC, called TCC/LE One of the most useful features is aliases, like DOSKey aliases or whatever, but better.

I am going to share my aliases here. This is always a work in progress

Some of these are shortcuts to shareware applications, some are free or open source.

edit="D:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe"
edalias=edit %tchome%\aliases.txt
refalias=alias > %tchome%\aliases.txt && echo aliases.txt refreshed
relalias=alias /r %tchome%\aliases.txt && echo aliases.txt reloaded
anonradio=play http://anonradio.net:8000/anonradio
home=pushd "%tchome%"
telnet="D:\Program Files (x86)\ZOC7\zoc.exe" /TABBED /TELNET:
docurr=%dohome%\dopusrt.exe /acmd Go "%CD%"
voltog=nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 2 && echo volume toggled
reboot=wizmo reboot%1 && echo rebooting
standby=wizmo standby%1 && echo standby mode
hibernate=wizmo hibernate%1 && echo hibernate mode
shutdown=wizmo shutdown%1 && echo shutting down
wf="D:\Program Files\Waterfox\waterfox.exe"

I have a really old habit of typing edit to edit text files at the command line. So the first one, points to Sublime Text.
The next three, have to do with aliases, reloading the aliases.txt file, refreshing it (so aliases added on the fly get written to it), and editing it.
The fifth one, runs a batch file that opens mplayer with arguments, useful for opening radio streams. The sixth one takes advantage of the fifth, and opens the aNONRadio stream.
The seventh one, uses pushd to jump to the Take Command folder, just use popd to pop back.
The eighth one, opens ZOC, or a new ZOC tab and connects to a server on Telnet.
The ninth is cool, it opens the current directory in Directory Opus.
The tenth one, opens hrping in place of ping. It has more options, and it's free.
The eleventh one, uses nircmd to toggle the volume state (mute/unmute).
The next four, use wizmo to reboot, standby, hibernate, or shutdown. use a ! for the "Damit" variation, which makes it ignore what's currently running.
The last one, is a shortcut to my prefered browser, Waterfox


the reason for play.bat is I have found that -loop 0 for some reason fails to reopen the stream, so I have a batch file loop it instead. This way it will just reopen and reconnect.
I don't really like this method, but it works

@Echo off
echo opening stream goto Start

the -really-quiet option removes the verbosity, so it starts faster, but meta data is lost, currently playing song can be found elsewhere anyway, so it doesn't matter much.