Outage Status

We're back! The sites, directories, and IRC are back up, and you sould be able to log in as usual.

The wiki will be back soon. Some of the programming languages are missing; they'll all be reinstalled as I get time over the next few days.

I'll put up a postmortem once everything's fixed.

NOTE: If you see the following message when you log in:


...they you're fine! This is a side effect of the IP address of the server changing. Update your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file according to the instructions and you will be able to get back in. The server's ECDSA key fingerprint is as follows, if you'd like to verify it:


We did lose two things: symlinks and cronjobs. The data is all still available, so if you symlinked to something outside your home directory, let me know and I can get a copy of it for you. Cron jobs will need to be re-entered. :( Sorry about that.

If you are missing anything, notice something wrong, or just have a suggestion, please contact us at admin@ctrl-c.club

Thanks everyone for your patience! Let's get back to fun and learning!

Outage Postmortem

So what happened?

On Feb. 9, at about 9:30 AM CST, the server hosting ctrl-c.club was no longer available. Communication from our hosting provider (digitalocean.com) indicated that the server's networking had been disabled due to a flood of traffic.

Working with DO, I was able to log in and set up a firewall to block the outgoing traffic which was causing the problem. My hope was to allow our regular users to continue using Ctrl-C.club as usual while I tracked down the misbehaving user or process.

DO agreed to re-enable networking for us, since I asked nicely. :) The server and site came back up and everything appeared to be working correctly. I let a few people know that things were provisionally working again.

That same day, at about 4:00 PM CST, Ctrl-C.club went down again. DigitalOcean had once again disabled networking due to a flood of traffic.

To my immense chagrin, I discovered that, while cleaning up some odds and ends on the server, I had disabled the firewall. Never underestimate the ability of one tiny change to screw everything up. :\

Working again with DO, we discovered that the outgoing traffic was clearly malicious in nature. DO quite justifiably asked me to destroy the server which was causing the problem.

That evening, I spun up a new server through DigitalOcean, and began transferring user data, packages, and configuration over from the old server to the new server. This work was completed by the next day.

Over the next week, I added missing packages, fixed up the wiki, and corrected a few minor issues that had cropped up during the transfer.

Moving forward, the firewall blocking malicious traffic will stay in place. I've further documented the system configuration and packages, so that in the event of another outage, spinning up a new server will be much faster.

Ongoing Impacts

As discussed extensively in the status above:

There are no other impacts known or expected at this time.


DigitalOcean was a great help throughout this process. I'd like to thank them, and all of our amazing users who've built our community for their patience and kindness.

Let's keep learning and having fun!