My cold walk

Today I took a walk after I was done with work. The temperature outside was 8°F (–13°C), so it was pretty chilly, and the sun was just setting. Fortunately, the moon is almost full right now, so I actually had good lighting anyway.

I love taking walks. It gets me into an open and receptive mood. I notice all the things I would normally miss in a car, and getting my body moving helps me have good ideas.

A school with one room lit up, surrounded by snow. The full moon is visible behind clouds

When it’s as cold as it is outside, your ability to take walks is somewhat limited, and most people choose not to do it. I myself don’t take as many walks in the winter, and usually not after dark. But walking at twilight with no one else outside is pretty enchanting, so I felt like it was worth it even as my hands froze.

My favorite part about the walk was watching a thin layer of clouds move over the moon. Looking at the moon, it really felt like a physical light hanging high up in the firmament. I had a strong sense of how beautiful it is for us to live under the moon, even when we’re not looking at it.

Do you like taking walks? Do you take walks in adverse conditions? Do you like looking at the moon? Let me know your thoughts at my Ctrl-C email: gome ​@ ​