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About Me!

im new, lol, i dont understand some of the stuff yall talking about... I like JJBA and TUA.... dont google them... use like, tor or some secure search engine like searx or ddg.

i am not a gamer, but i like the lore of games. I can make some crappy text based games with C and ncurses, but i dont know how to do

I finished The Promised Neverland, C o NN I e!!111

I've been doing excercise, for once in my life I have muscles...

some text from my old neocities page:

  1. I love Art Deco
  2. I don't care about holidays
  3. Horisontal lines are amazing
  4. I believe Windows 7 is better than Windows 10 and always will be
  5. I like Warhammer 40k