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This is where I am going to rant about things, to live up to my name as The Ranting Macrophage

No. of Rants = 5

Rant #1

One thing I need to do more of is make art.

I want to get into painting, digital or traditional.

I admire the themes and aestetics of metaphysical painting, especially the works of Giorgio de Chirico 

I also like The Persistence of Memory. These paintings convey the feeling of those 'liminal spaces' you tend to see on the internet.

The large, barren, empty spaces help to make that feeling. They also have this strange--almost dreamlike ambiance. 

I believe the random objects intersparced contribute to the dreamlike mood.

Dreams are a bizzarre combination of real life objects and experences, stored in the subconcious,
then painted on the canvas of the sleeping mind in nonsensical ways: the manniquin headed muses, the looming arcades and the melting clocks.

I want to make that! Even if its just because it looks cool....

Rant #2

I have been facinated by sleep, especially dreams,
and the science behind them.

Not to mention the aesthetics. (like what I laid out in my previous rant)

I am a curious person and one that thinks even just thinking is fun.

What connection does the dream 'world' have to the physical mind or,
to the subconcious?

It is for this reason, (and many others) that I am also interested in psychology.

The mind is incredibly facinating!

Rant #3

I should write more.

I'm somewhat good at it.

These rants are a healthy excercise in this endevor.

I do have an idea for a novel and I also have built it up in my head enough so...

I should maybe post drafts for chapters here...

If I escape laziness and my (presumable) eternal tormenter: ADHD.

Rant #4

Do You want to know what is Annoyingannoying 

logging in onto two seperate 'tides' and both failing because your freaking ssh key is wrong cus you cant remember what it is!


it's like some spirit or devil is friggin messing things up to prevent your progress cus you aren't supposed to get out of your complacent box!



>_ Press Any Key To Continue the annoyance...

Rant #5

Excuse the edge on the last post, my dear.

Can you believe it! ...I's been over two months since this site was first made!

We've come so far!

I'm proud, are you?