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Learnings on Opportunity

August 2020

‘Consider the resource which is available in hand or with us’ is the lesson I learned recently. This helps someone, learning’s are everywhere if we accept.

I had worked on testing projects. My team handles developing the test application. We do not have any reference source code, but we had few specification documents.

I thought, writing the application would be difficult without enough reference. But my colleague Avan has taken this task. We had experience testing on same kind of activity.

Usually myself and Avan will go out for lunch, that was 3rd day he started developing the application. At the end of same day, we met Avan’s friend during our lunch time.

We talked about his friend, his office, then how his company is performing and about my colleague too.

He joked, saying Avan is working late night at home. I have not guessed he worked on developing the test application. On same day evening, he shared the finished test application.

Later I realized, he worked enthusiastic. He referred the existing old source code and documents helped him to complete the task. Instead thinking of it is difficult to develop, if I believed and started the task, it could have done.

So the lesson I learned for doing my task is