Bakbak's index page

My intention is to use the space I was given here for a kind of personal website.

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This index page.

About me

A young person interested in programming and different technologies.

I use Gentoo with Xfce on one device, and Debian on the other.

I like it when something can be achieved without much usage of space and ressources, that's why I wanted to try Gemini, and it's looking really good so far!

English is a language I learned in school and on the internet, not my native language. Though, honestly, there is not a single language in which I can properly express what I want to say... Be understanding that my writing style can be strange sometimes.

How is this page created?

I type the Gemini version in Vim (the best text editor for my purposes). Then, I use a script written by ~lovetocode999 to convert it into HTML for the HTTPS version of this site.

Script. Further details and download.

Programming languages

Why the name "bakbak"?

Duck sounds. I wanted a name I'm not using elsewhere, and I thought it sounded funny.