Barrow System Blog
24 Tue Mar 06AM

howdy! i'm ezra, i go by she/her (or fae/faer if you're feeling mischievous), and i'm the primary fronter of the barrow system.

there's three of us in total:
- Ezra (she/fae) primary fronter, weapons grade dumbass
- June (she/her) absolute gremlin
- Dannon (he/him) de facto trauma holder

I do a lot of programming, my Github has a few projects but most of my repos are empty or trash. the highlights are lp-tetris, tetris-launchpad (the same thing but in rust and python respectively), and control-panel (just css but i'm still proud of it). note: i am looking for a github alternative, if anybody has any ideas hmu.

as for other hobbies?? slowly slipping away from reality into psychosis due to untreated mental illness and drug use, lol.

I can also be found on the fediverse and keybase @bobbybobson4888

feel free to chat if i'm online, i try to be friendly to the best of my ability