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Captain's Retro Battlestations

This is a work in progress list of all the noteworthy pieces of hardware that I'm currently hoarding.

On the go (PDA's)

Palm III

Palm M100

Palm M505 (Digitiser broken)

Palm M515 (Mainboard issue)

Palm Zire 71

Palm Tungsten T3

Nokia N800


Win95 Pentium 90 Desktop shoehorned in a beige 486 case (PCI VGA Card replacement needed)

Thinkpad 2645 Pentium II 450Mhz running Windows 98 (Hard drive replaced with CF-card IDE adapter)

Pentium 4 with old Geforce card running Windows XP

iMac G3/500 Indigo m5521 Macintosh SE m5011 (Upgraded with SCSI2SD) IBM 5155 (One of the first IBM Luggables, needs new boot disks)



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