# Rust and me

A bit of background about myself, first. I use Void Linux, write code (and all files) in neovim and started my programming journey with Python. Well, technically I started with Scratch. Scratch is THE visual block-based programming playground. Things that make beginners scratch their heads in confusion, like multiple threads and manipulating a gui are accessible in Scratch from the click of a button. Once I had decided to learn a “real” language, the internet told me to learn Python, and I obliged. I admire Python a lot. Even when I was oblivious to most of it I was somewhat aware that Python covered up most of the “weirdness” that one may find in a lower-level language. However recently I have found myself longing for something more… — ## In comes Rust Rust looked like just what I wanted: * More performant than Python * A really helpful, readable compiler * Lower-level, which means more control and learning

And so, about a week ago, I started learning Rust. I’m taking it slowly, creeping my way through the Rust Book and doing practise projects along the way. When November 1st comes I’ll continue learning, and try and utilise some of my gained knowledge to create a simple app in rust for the yh4f event. What the app is? You’ll have to wait and see.