chrisbs and flying monkies
Blink Blink
16 Wed Jan 12AM

Blink API

I have found a blink API

I have dabled in python - so I wanted to see if I could get this to work. And I was able to save an image.

I think I want to create a page that will load with a few simple controls that allows me to login - so I don't have to include my u/p in my script. Not sure what I'll use for that. I'll have to do some research. Button to get an image. Maybe see if I can figure out how to stream short video.

I also don't like that you have to include your u/p in the script. That should really be in a config file somehwere. If I get ambitious maybe I fork the repo and figure out how to do that. That would really be my first contribution back to a public project.

Nifty really.


Hello Ctrl C
12 Sat Jan 09AM


We will see where this takes us. Flying monkies and all.