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Hello, I'm user codekobold :)

I like software that sparks joy, tabletop role-playing games and learning new things.
I also like the idea of a little community that shares a Linux server!

My home on the web is This place here is where I ramble about small things.
This is also an exercise in minimalism. A single hand-written file, including the CSS.

If you have comments or suggestions or just want to chat I hang out at #ctrl-c on Or feel free to send me an email at

2023-09-27 — Starting a Python project in 2023

Wow, Python project management changed a lot since the last time I set up a repository from scratch, 4 or 5 years ago. is finally dead and pyproject.toml is the blessed main configuration file. Linting, formatting and sanity checks of any sort are taken care of by pre-commit, which typically calls into other tools like Ruff (a fast and feature-complete Python linter written in Rust), Black (the de-facto standard opinionated code formatting tool) and mypy (for code formatting). Dependency management, versioning, packaging and publishing to PyPi are nicely taken care of by tools like Hatch that make it a breeze to set up a new project. Working in virtual environments was the best practice already a few years ago, but now they are nicely intergrated in the workflow, e.g. hatch shell starts a new terminal shell in an environment that Hatch makes sure has all project dependencies installed.

2023-09-25 — New tetris-bsd high score

At the time of writing, I own the server's record at `tetris-bsd`. Your move, Ctrl-C!

2023-09-24 — Playing tetris-bsd

I have been playing tetris-bsd on the server to relieve stress -- I'm getting there, protodrew! :)
I only played two or three sessions of around one hour each, but I came up with simple strategies. I'm not sure they are optimal, I would love to hear yours.

I like filling the sides first, making sure I don't leave tall gaps there that could only be filled with a straight piece. Then there is a lot of managing the general structure of the floor: you want it to be just a bit uneven, so most pieces will have a position in which they fit. Lastly, to get the highest score possible you want to pick the right level: too high, and you lose too soon, too low and it takes too long to score enough points. My current record is with level 3 but I'll probably try 4 next.

2023-09-22 — Be more bloggy

I just realized that this is turning into more of a life log than a micro blog. I'll try to be more bloggy and less loggy.

2023-09-21 — Kagi, a search engine that loves the small web




Eco-anxiety is a thing. Earth beyond six of nine planetary boundaries |

2023-09-15 — Pentesting is fun

Started looking a bit into pentesting and reverse engineering, it's a fun world.
For now I'm using to learn, but I'm open to suggestions!


Back from vacation. I can feel the stress already getting back to uncomfortable levels, but that's just the first impact. I will get used to the routine again.


Started this micro-blog.


Finally enjoying a little bit of vacation. Escaped from crowded, scalding hot beaches to our little b&b up the hill, where there is silence and a gentle breeze.