codekobold's microblog

Hello, I'm user codekobold :)

I like software that sparks joy, tabletop role-playing games and learning new things.
I also like the idea of a little community that shares a Linux server!

My home on the web is This place here is where I ramble about small things.
This is also an exercise in minimalism. A single hand-written file, including the CSS.


At the time of writing, I own the server's record at `tetris-bsd`. Your move, Ctrl-C!


I have been playing tetris-bsd on the server to relieve stress -- I'm getting there, protodrew! :)
I only played two or three sessions of around one hour each, but I came up with simple strategies. I'm not sure they are optimal, I would love to hear yours.

I like filling the sides first, making sure I don't leave tall gaps there that could only be filled with a straight piece. Then there is a lot of managing the general structure of the floor: you want it to be just a bit uneven, so most pieces will have a position in which they fit. Lastly, to get the highest score possible you want to pick the right level: too high, and you lose too soon, too low and it takes too long to score enough points. My current record is with level 3 but I'll probably try 4 next.


I just realized that this is turning into more of a life log than a micro blog. I'll try to be more bloggy and less loggy.





Eco-anxiety is a thing. Earth beyond six of nine planetary boundaries |


Started looking a bit into pentesting and reverse engineering, it's a fun world.
For now I'm using to learn, but I'm open to suggestions!


Back from vacation. I can feel the stress already getting back to uncomfortable levels, but that's just the first impact. I will get used to the routine again.


Started this micro-blog.


Finally enjoying a little bit of vacation. Escaped from crowded, scalding hot beaches to our little b&b up the hill, where there is silence and a gentle breeze.