I created this website with a few goals in mind. I wanted to gain some sort of web presence without the need to create some sort of social media account, I wanted to improve my front end web development abilities, and finally I wanted an outlet to improve my writing.

This website is built using a simple shell script (which you can read more about here). My goal was to create an attractive website without relying on bloated web frameworks and the dependency hell that comes along with it. Every page is a pair HTTP requests1,one HTML & one CSS. During the build process of this site I run two sed commands that minimize both the HTML and CSS. Behold the HTML minimizing command sed ':a;N;$!ba;s|>\s*<|><|g'. The CSS command is a bit longer and can be seen here. These scripts help create a website with a tiny footprint, this page is approximately 3 KB. I find it to be a fun exercise to squeeze as much functionality as you can out of the Linux core utils.

There is no JavaScript used on this website. Although there can be use cases that benefit from JavaScript, it isn’t necessary here, and is therefore omitted. Analytics are omitted as well. I don’t know how many people visit this website nor do I know anything about you! If you’d like for me to know something about you, you can always contact me.

  1. With the exception of pages that include images↩︎