Greetings! I'm Dao, a masters student in mechatronics. I got my bsc from molecular bionics. I think I got to be a member of Ctrl-C club in the summer of 2018 when I found out about it somehow (I don't remember how I stumbled upon it...), I instantly liked the idea, but I was inactive until now (2018 december). I'm taking half a year leisure from my studies because it got too much monotonous for my taste. I have some cool projects in mind for that time though, but I need a strong frame for my life if I want to accomlish any of that so I'm thinking about starting some kind of personal note taking blog/journal here.

Time pressure - that is the thing currently missing from my life. It is hard to find the golden road between serenity and slothfulness. In the recent past I found that a well shaped daily routine can boost my productivity multiple times, simply by providing the key to exit from a cycle that went on for too long. But this only help on the micro scale, in itself it can't provide the means needed for longer or more involved projects which I'm not short of nowadays. Thus I made the decision to really start writing some sort of regular logs about the ongoing processes of the pretty messy system I call my life. The exact format is yet to be decided, but I'll try to make it more into a helpful documentation than a spiritual spam folder.