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Hey there

Welcome to my site, i blog here once in a while and i talk about my projects, or work on my link list. Maybe ill put out some site awards, or some guides, whatever.

2024? 2024! #9/1/24

It's 2024! Some new stuff happened. I bought the book Python Crash Course! I'm also busy working on a diffrent site, hause. I hope to work a bit more on this site.

Update of stuff #26/11/23

Okay, this post is a bit late... Also, i wont be making a game in python anymore, im too buzy with other projects, and I dont have any concept idea's right now. I did make a pdf with all version ID's from Minecraft PE for iOS! I hope to update this site more frequently.

Working' on a game #16/10/23

Hey everyone, im working on a thriller text adventure game. IDK what name etc. It will be made in python. Screenshots are coming soon.

Update of the design #15/10/23

I've updated my design, i hope its at least a bit responstive, all the other links than Home are dead. I will make them soon.

tools.lancely.tech is down #13/10/23

tools.lancely.tech is down, a very handy source used by jailbroken idevice users (including me) to downgrade their apps, with tweaks like AppAdmin or Appstore++. Read more...

Hello everyone #13/10/23

Welcome to my ^C club site, here I will be blogging whatever pops up in my head.