Constant Story ""; Constant Headline "^an interactive homepage; type commands, then press 'enter'^^"; Release 0; Include "Parser"; Include "VerbLib"; Include "Grammar"; !========== Global HANDS_FULL; Global HEAVY_LOAD; !========== Class Room with cant_go "There isn't anything else that way.", before [; Take, Open, Unlock, Push, Lock, Close, Rub, Attack, Climb, Wave: if (HANDS_FULL) { "Your hands are full with carrying that ", (name) HEAVY_LOAD, "!"; } ], after [; Take: if (noun.encumberance > 9) { HANDS_FULL = 1; HEAVY_LOAD = noun; } Drop, PutOn: if (noun.encumberance > 9) { HANDS_FULL = 0; } ], has light; Class Furniture with before [; PutOn: if (noun.encumberance < 5) { move noun to self; "You put ", (the) noun, " on ", (the) self, "."; } else { "It's too big for that."; } ], has supporter enterable; Class Paper with encumberance 0, has ; Class Takeable with encumberance 0, has ; Class Prop has scenery; !========== Prop world "everything" with description "You can't comprehend the entirity of existence.", name 'world' 'universe' 'infinite' 'expanse' 'area' 'here' 'distance' 'existence', found_in [; rtrue; ], has ; !========== Room index "" with description "The center of the universe. The world stretches all around you, an infinite expanse of inky black. Objects before you snap into sharp relief, fading to blurry greenish gestures towards the distance.", w_to living, e_to projects, n_to thoughts, s_to experimental, has ; Furniture -> desk "desk" with description "A simple wooden writing desk.", name 'desk' 'wooden' 'writing' 'table', before [; Take: "It seems attached to the floor, even though you can't see how."; ], has ; Paper -> -> dossier "sheet of paper" with description [; print "The sheet of paper contains a dossier as follows:^^"; font off; print "--------------------------------------^"; print "| What is an endorphant? |^"; print "| |^"; print "| Like a heirophant, but for endor- |^"; print "| phins. Alternatively, the internal |^"; print "| elephant. |^"; print "| |^"; print "| Contactable through local mail, or |^"; print "| on twitter as @@64endorphant. |^"; print "--------------------------------------^"; font on; ], name 'dossier' 'sheet' 'paper', has ; Paper -> -> links "list of links" with description [; print "A list of URLs, painstakingly typed out:^^"; font off; !print "nethack empire"; print "-----------------------------------------------------------^"; print "| |^"; print "| |^"; print "| |^"; print "| |^"; print "| |^"; print "| |^"; print "-----------------------------------------------------------^"; font on; ], name 'list' 'typed' 'links', has ; Furniture -> stool "stool" with description "A hard wooden stool.", name 'hard' 'wooden' 'stool' 'chair' 'seat', has ; Room living "" with description "It feels like someone has just vacated this area.", e_to index, has ; Takeable -> mug "red ceramic mug" with description "An oversized ceramic mug with a dark red snakeskin design.", before [; Smell: "Even though it's clean, the faint smell of coffee clings to it."; ], encumberance 1, name 'mug' 'ceramic' 'cup' 'red' 'snakeskin', has ; Room projects "" with description "You feel productive here.", w_to index, has ; Room thoughts "" with description "A curious sense that you are intruding overcomes you.", s_to index, has ; Room experimental "" with description "Anything could happen here, but it's oddly still at the moment.", n_to index, has ; Takeable -> massive "indescribable mass" with description "It's impossible to know what this is, but it might be useful.", name 'mass' 'thing' 'mystery', after[; Take: "Somehow, you manage to get your hands around it!"; Drop: "You release the mass, and it settles into place before you."; ], encumberance 10, has ; !===== [ Initialise ; location = index; player.description = "You're a visitor to this realm."; print_ret "HIGHLY VOLATILE WORK IN PROGRESS^^"; ];