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on november 13th, i made a "bit of an oops".

November 15, 2018 — ~fosslinux

on a lxd container that ~ben kindly provisioned for me, i was trying to set up a script that would use scp to transfer files. i didn't know the local address of ~team from the lxd container, so i installed and ran nmap to scan the 10/8 address range, which is the range that local addresses are in for lxd containers. this should have told me what ~team's address was.

that looked like it was going to take a long time, so i left it and signed off for the night.

the next morning, i jumped on irc and saw that "irc: connect failed" on tilde servers (tilde.chat). i was confused, and jumped on #!, only to find a ping to ben, saying tilde.team was down. scanning the rest of the page, i found out that ben said that someone had ran nmap. oops.

luckily, i could still chat because my weechat instance was on bsd~team, not ~team itself. bsd~team was still up.

i saw that i had a DM from benharri (ben's nick on #!), reading: benharri | yo benharri | why did you run nmap? i quickly responded with a short explanation of what i had done. ben replied: benharri | well you locked us out oh damn. i had shutdown ~team with my nmap, the reason being is because hetzner's tos states that netscanning is not allowed. why they had an issue with local scanning i don't know, but anyway.

so, please learn from my mistakes and DON'T do netscanning. ben and i will work on a system to prevent nmap from ever happening etc. a tos will be coming into effect soon also.

please see https://ben.ttm.sh/blog/november-13-post-mortem.html for this from ben's perspective, how he debugged it, etc.