I intended this to be a log only related to this very website when I opened the editor, but it turned out to be a totally incomplete log of my general nerdiness pretty soon. Woohoo. Dark grey borders are various stuff, light gray is all about neocities, black is tilde-stuff.
Thanks Philips for calling this beautiful.

around 1997
got my first computer, it was a 386 CPU at 33MHz running Windows 3.11 iirc

I traced my first (still available) post on a web forum to have been written on this date -- guess I was pretty late to the game

around 2004
had my first own modem at this time with a speed of 56k (and at one time I picked up the phone to call a classmate while I was online -- boy, did it scream right into my ear)

installed Ubuntu (8.04.1) for the first time , before this I had only seen Linux installs in our computer lab in school
I actually began trying to install it the day before, but struggled a bit with the BIOS; I really knew nil about computers at the time

had my first job in a computer repair shop

2014, around July
played Pong on a Painstation

started blogging on soup.io

registered my neocities site, uploaded doomguy.html, began listing geeky music facts

wrote my script to bypass YouTube's age blocker; began listing halloween related stuff

logged into my shell account on ctrl-c.club for the first time

wrote about my route to ctrl-c.club

began "re-designing" my index.html

began writing gmb

moved microblog from soup.io to ctrl-c.club

registered account on GitHub

moved the content from NeoCities over to ctrl-c.club

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