Reasons to use a scriptblocker

While JavaScript is a very useful tool that allows for web apps like Google Docs or services like YouTube, it is also widely used to create malicious code that tracks users, installs malware, steals CPU cycles, logs keystrokes et cetera. Hence I recommend to set up your (primary) browser to block script execution by default.

Decent scriptblockers include uMatrix and NoScript 5. Please be aware that uMatrix will by default allow scripts on the domain you access, while scripts from any third party server will be blocked, which I consider a serious design flaw. To fix this, open the uMatrix menu by clicking on the gear in the top left, then switch to the tab "My rules", click "edit" and add the lin * * script block. Then click "save" and store the temporary rules permanently.

uMatrix is available for Chromium/Chrome and Firefox.

NoScript 5 is available for Pale Moon.

AdBlockers like AdBlock Plus/Edge or Privacy Badger are not sufficient, since they do not block scripts in general, but block certain requests. Also, I'd rather not trust other parties to decide which requests are acceptable.

~gauntlet, swinton of $>ˆC, 2017-11-30

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