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2016-07-19 15:47

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Using a different style sheet, gmb can look like a usual weblog (short of comments, tags and categories, that is).

The actual blog is here. You'll find the bash script on GitHub and the documentation right there.


2016-07-19 15:28 gmb now has a repository on GitHub
2016-07-19 11:39 how to be a wizard programmer
2016-07-19 11:10 unix beards
2016-07-18 18:34 "Racter is an artificial intelligence computer program that generates English language prose at random."
2016-07-18 11:05 Regex Tester - "a JavaScript regular expression tester"
2016-07-18 00:07 See Cranial Overhaul, Searwa System and Flesh Storage by demskicreations. There are a few more like these in their gallery, but I like the ones I linked to the most.
2016-07-17 20:33 The Plain Text Way
2016-07-17 15:48 I updated gmb. It now supports RSS. Also, the timestamps are clickable now, so linking to a specific entry is made easier.