For no other reason than learning to code and toying around I wrote a script that reads the disk usage per home directory here on the server and prints it out in a sort of graphical way in HTML and CSS.
Each [K,M,G]B is displayed as one square of 10x10 pixels. The script knows three different cases:

  1. the user stored a maximum of 999KB
  2. the user has at least 1MB of data, but less than 1GB
  3. the user uploaded at least 1GB
In the first case, the squares are blue, in the second they are green, while GB are printed in red. Also, in each case only the maximum unit is displayed, i.e. if someone has 1.1GB in their home directory, only 1GB will be shown and all further MB and KB will be ignored.

As you can see, most users stayed within the kilobyte range, a few have several megabytes worth of data stored on the server. Two guys even have more than one gigabyte up here. Whew.
For reasons of privacy I had the script shuffle the lines before creating the html file, so it won't tell who is using which amount of data. (Which, however, members can easily find out themselves.)

I intended to have this outcome generated once a week, but it took the server a few seconds to calculate all this, so I'm afraid it would cause too much load. Plus, at almost 500KB the file is not exactly lightweight.

Find the script there.

~calamitous called this "awesome" on the index page; ~pgadey called it "amazing". Thanks, both of you!

gauntlet, 2016-06-27 21:44 UTC (just read that Bud Spencer died ;_;), last edited 2016-08-03 00:54 UTC