technology is awesome

My laptop battery is fully charged. Wifi is on. The machine has no wired connection to anything. Outside, it is raining. And here I am, logged into a server far, far away, writing stuff that will be available to people all over the world as soon as I save the file in my public_html folder.

On another workspace, I am chatting with friends all the way on the other end of the country. All without a wired connection from this machine, all while the weather is terrible.

Technology is awesome. I want to keep this stuff.

(Yes, I know, all this is normal today, but when I grew up, I had to look for a phone booth or ask in a shop when I wanted to make a call outside. Or had to dial a number, because my landline phone was unable to store contacts. And I knew no such thing as the internet. So sometimes I'm quite a bit awestruck by all this high tech we got now.)

gauntlet, 2016-06-30 22:01 UTC