The Swintons of Tildeverse

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The Swintons of Tildeverse is a report on the history of tilde servers as re-invented by Paul Ford. (It also glances at classic shared UNIX servers.)

It is currently a project by Gauntlet O. Manatee and nobody else, but you are welcome to suggest stuff I could add.

This is not a scientific work. I am not using bibtex to manage quotes, because I'm too stupid to figure it out gummi hates me.

current version: 0.1


Download version 0.1 .pdf here.

A list of all releases, including older ones, will be found here.

Take part

If you have any suggestions or want to add content, then email me.

Know of any lore I missed? Any meetups I did not mention? Tell me, please!

The GitHub repository is ready, too.


2016-09-08 Released version 0.1 of the project and told people about it there and there. Also uploaded this page.

2016-08-30 Began to work on this. Sort of.

~gauntlet, swinton of $>ˆc, 2016-09-08