Resistance is Mandatory

I remember the web. I remember when new web site URLs were traded with friends via email or announced on HotWired. I remember when updating your blog meant handwriting the HTML and uploading the file to your own server. Shit, I remember when blogging was actually something people did regularly. The web was pretty cool back then.

This space (for me anyway) will be where I try to re-capture some of that handcrafted feel to the web. A web before big services jumped in and fooled the masses to trade in their personal data for nothing. A web that was full of promise and open protocols. A web we lost but we can always come back to, at least for now. I'm not sure where this is going but I'm going to have fun getting there.

Things I found quite helpful

A lot of things happened within the span of a few months that really struck a chord and drove me here. It all began with Paul Ford's Tilde Club article but there are others. I'll maintain a list here for future revolutionaries.

Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything Podcast - The Dislike Club Episodes

Benjamen Walker has an amazing series of podcasts under the banner "the dislike club" which had me riveted. It's an indictment of all that sucks with today's Internet but also shows us some glimpse of how we might just take the whole thing back. We might not be popular but the Internet is still a place where like minded individual can gather even if they are just loosely connected via old school means and not shacked together via Facebook.

Watch this space....

So stick around. Special thanks to our benevolent admin at the for giving us a home.