Stream of consciousness cram

Unlike most weeknights, I’m going to be unable to write my post in the evening. I just spent the last half hour struggling to think of a topic for today. I’m still determined to succeed at this challenge, so I’ve decided to just sit down and write whatever comes to mind and call it a post.

I’m excited to be going out and doing something tonight, even if it throws off my regular schedule. During the winter, I kind of go “hibernation mode” & I’m more hesitant to disrupt my daily rhythm. But if I go too long just on autopilot things deteriorate mood-wise, so I know it will be good for me to get out.

Hibernating bear

Working from home, I have a lot fewer time constraints than I used to while in school. There just aren’t that many things I have to worry about being on-time for, and all my meetings are right in the same place I always am. I’ve always been unpunctual, and now I have fewer occasions to improve at that then ever. When I do have to worry about timing nowdays, I’m actually kind of glad to have the opportunity to test my skills.

Well, looks like I’ve made it past 100 words. That’s all I’ve got for now. Tomorrow’s post should be back to a more typical level of thoroughness.

Do you go “hibernation mode” at all in the winter? Are you punctual? Have you improved with punctuality over time? Let me know your thoughts at my Ctrl-C email: gome ​@ ​