All my scripts go on this page.


Below is where I list my shell scripts, I use shell scripts to improve my workflow and my shell scripts may also improve yours, everyone is different.

Filename Description

Wrote this script on 2016-06-03 so I could have keyboard-only setups with a cursor interface via the numpad that is as responsive as possible, I still heavily rely on this script to this day. It depends on xkbset and is a wrapper around it which means you require Xorg, if you are a Wayland user then this script will not work.

If you are an i3wm user like me then adding the line below to your configuration file will allow you to use the keybinding Modifier+b as a toggle switch for mousekeys which may be necessary for some GUI applications such as Blender which some features of require the numpad.

bindsym $mod+b exec /usr/local/mousekeys -t

And this next line will have mousekeys turned on when i3wm starts.

exec --no-startup-id /usr/local/mousekeys -a 1


Below is where I list my OpenRC scripts, traditional init systems are slowly starting to lack init scripts for modern software due to systemd becoming mainstream which is understandable but the solution is simple, I just write my own when needed.

Filename Description
yggdrasil The Devuan GNU/Linux distribution has start-stop-daemon which is a Debian thing, it was responsible for the stopping and starting of daemons on Debian and Debian derivatives back before they made the switch to systemd, OpenRC scripts not supplied by the package repositories of Debian and Debian derivative distributions are more likely wrote for Gentoo systems as was the case with Yggdrasil's own official OpenRC script, because Devuan doesn't have a package for yggdrasil and Yggdrasil doesn't have an official Devuan repository, I modified the official OpenRC script to interface with start-stop-daemon instead of doing its Gentoo thing. You can also avoid compiling yggdrasil by simply grabbing the official Debian package and installing it with dpkg -i, the only non-Devuan thing the Debian package does is put a systemd unit file in place which you can just simply remove yourself.