My Health

This article is not yet complete and I would like to warn you that there may be triggers in this article including blood, urine, feces, etc. If this stuff is going to trigger you then this article is not for you else read on. I will try to make sure I talk about other stuff first in order to push any triggers out the way of the viewports of those who may get triggered.

In brief

In regards to mental health, I was diagnosed with both inattentive subtype of ADHD at the age of 7 and Aspergers at the age of 14 under the DSM-IV. I have traits of ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), SCD (Social Communication Disorder), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and Selective Mutism, I will use these conditions to explain aspects of my Autism.

At the age of 16, I was misdiagnosed with Chordoma of the clivus and given multiple alternative opinions.