My words about this service

As the first few minutes testing and reading the docs, I would say:

I like the Unix style.
I like this super cool feature of having access to a ssh account where I can use my minimal services from another machines that is not mine.
I notice few errors, that can be temporary
1. The Wiki is ( at this very precise moment in TIME ) off-line.
2. The IRC server / address doesn't work, even trying from the shell they offer
- Maybe I will learn a bit more about Linux, while I don't really care about console games
- The Gemmi protocol looks something new and interesting!!!
- Their forum application for the shell is something new to me.. I like it too
- And while I was reading some stuff I was writting this stuff
- I can use GIT :D I just want to kiss this people lol
- An then I start to read their FAQ
- Oh FAQ this is GOOD !
- I can code almost every language and they use VIM
- sadly the elinks browser don't really support javascript, or else I would never use X again!
- Yeah, I will not use this server to any "criminal activity" or to store my own data..
- I will store this text.. I can write 1GB of text
- This services will be super useful for the FREE Linux course I am preparing
- Yes yes, I am learning Linux and Teaching Linux.
- The Course I am preparing is somewhat superficial.
- Is like presenting a new car to someone who like cars.
- I will not talk about technical theory..
First because I don't really know the technical parts of it
Second because they just want to know how to use the car.