SMOL Binding

My main hobby project is the perfection of DIY bound books.

The objective is to publish bound books relying entirely on free open source materials and common household resources and materials.

I am currently working on covers and this is the draft chapter on my best effort to date The Full publisation draft

there are two tracks:

print on plain paper using art style like watercolor or bokeh which can print and laminate of varnish on plain paper and not look cheap. This has largely not worked for me yet, perhaks when ai resolutions are better.

the second and current method is to use photo paper against my 'free/cheap' principals and requiring a folded over flap to get enough 'heft'


Cover Art and Printing

There are many blind alleys with printing DIY covers on various papers and card stock, and inkjet and laser.

I have finally achieved something I can live with for professional appearance and resilience.

I will describe the materials and process.

Materials: * A4 photo paper, either laser or inkjet * Clear adhesive type laminating film, matt or gloss finish * I am using wide rolls of packaging tape and baking paper, never seen it as matt

Paper will be within normal printer tolerances up to about 120gsm. When say 100gsm paper is laminated and folded double it will be at least 240gms. The heft and feel is OK.

Photo paper when laminated can give brilliant color and be resistant to water and handling.


Found this quite robust the expected delaminating on the cut short edge did not happen. Use cheap inkjet ink so I expect my ink to fade in a few years. Expect my box sealing tape to yellow in a few years. I expect none of my books to useful for so long.